Three-axis servo control commutator Turning machine

Short Description:

The turning machine is used for armature commutator outer surface turning.

  • Brand Name: NIDE
  • Origin: China
  • Price: Negotiable
  • Packaging Details: Wooden case which is suitable for sea transportation
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
  • Model: ND-LHL-QSFA-F
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    Features and Application:
    1. The turning machine is used for armature commutator outer surface turning
    2. Single cutter , can turn more than one time
    3. Positive knife
    4. Three-axis servo control
    5. Belt vertical pressing down mechanism
    6. Loading and unloading: manual loading and unloading
    7. The armature commutator turning machine is suitable for continuous production of three shifts.
    8. An actuator can be moved in any state of production or standby, automatic and step operations can be inter-converted.
    9. Manual loading/unloading production armature.

    1. Turning can be set between 1 and 4 cuts, and the parameters can be set separately: turning amount, cutting speed, belt speed, etc
    2. The oil pump fills V-block with oil automatically and quantitatively. The touch screen controls the lubrication time and refueling times
    3. It can be used for component debugging or control of single actuator under production condition. Single operation, automatic operation and step operation can be converted to each other
    4 .Remind operators to replace vulnerable parts: turning tool, V block and belt
    5. Allow fine adjustment of the Angle between the belt and rotor shaft
    6. Total 100 rotor turning parameters can be saved in HMI.
    7. The current parameters are displayed dynamically while production: shift output, cumulative output, production timing, etc
    8. Abnormal operation has automatic alarm: touch screen alarm, buzzer alarm and alarm light alarm

    Main specification:

    Name Parameter
    Armature OD Ф20~Ф60 mm
    Armature stack length 10~100 mm
    Shaft length 50~250 mm
    Length of shaft at commutator end 6~80 mm
    Shaft diameter at commutator end Ф3~Ф12 mm
    Commutator diameter Ф12~Ф42 mm
    Commutator roundness ≤0.003mm
    Commutator bar-bar roundness ≤0.002mm
    surface roughness Ra 0.4 ~ Ra 1.0
    Maximum cutting amount Max 0.12mm for the first cutting
    Armature speed regulation range Max 3000rpm
    Z direction Feeding speed Stepless adjustable
    Z direction cutting return speed non-adjustable
    Z direction cutting length 4 different turning lengths can be set
    Z direction stroke Max 40mm
    X direction cutter feeding speed Stepless adjustable
    X direction cutting return speed non-ajustable
    X direction feeding accuracy Min 0.002mm
    Cutter compensation volume Min 0.002mm
    Rotor rotation during turning positive
    Air pressure Pressure 4~6kg/cm2
    V-block material Artificial PCD diamonds
    Turning tool material Artificial PCD diamonds
    Turning tool type Wide blade
    Machine power 6KW
    Power AC380V 50/60Hz
    Machine weight About 1100Kg
    Workpiece operation height 950mm±50
    Production efficiency 2200-2500pcs/shift
    Dimension 1100mmx 900mmx1600mm






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