stator insulation paper folder and inserter equipment

Short Description:

This type of Stator Insulation Paper Inserting Machine is used to inserting insulation paper into the stator slot from the bottom of stator slot.

  • Brand Name: NIDE
  • Origin: China
  • Price: Negotiable
  • Packaging Details: Wooden case which is suitable for sea transportation
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
  • Model NO.: CZDL1-90-135C
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    CZDL1-90-135C  stator insulation paper folder and inserter


    (1)   Application

    This Stator Slot Insulation Paper folder and Inserting Machine is suitable for small and medium-sized three phase motor, gasoline generator, etc.

    (2)  Technical data:

    Product name : CZDL1-90-135C stator insulation paper inserting machine

    Stator stack length: 25~90mm

    Stator OD: max 135mm

    Stator ID: 25~85mm

    Folding height/width: 2~4mm/4~7mm

    Insulation paper thickness:0.188~0.35mm


    Power: 380V/50/60HZ 0.75KW

    Machine weight: ≈200kg

    Machine dimension: (L)1200*(W)650*(H)1000mm

    (3)  Machine main function and characteristic:

    The whole set of tooling can be changed, and it takes about 30min.

    The cutting edge of insulation paper should be neat, no damage, and free of burr.

    The stator should not be deformation and stator lamination should not be upward resulting from paper inserting.

    Machine will stop automatically when paper jams.

    With a text displayer, this machine can display and set all different models’ parameter.

    Production capacity ≤1s/slot (exclude the loading/unloading time)

    Paper width: stator stack length+14mm, edge folded: according to customer’s requirement.

    Operator needs to stand while operating. This machine adopts single hand system button.

    Primary qualification rate ≥99%, after rework, the rate ≥99.9%

    This stator paper inserting machine is suitable for Polyester Film insulation paper roll material

    with thickness 0.25mm and fixed width(width is decided by customer)

    1 (5)

    Besides paper inserting machine, we also supply different types of electrical insulation materials for stator or armatures, such as insulation paper and insulation wedge with different class degree. DMD Class B/F, DM Class B/F, Polyester film Class E, Red Vulcanized Fiber Class A, NH& NHN, etc

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