High efficiency automatic armature testing panel machine for electric DC and universal motor armature rotor

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This electric motor armature testing machine is suitable for universal motor and DC motor.

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  • Origin: China
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  • Model: ND-ATA-812A8
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    The electric motor armature testing machine combines with computer technology and electrotechnical measurement technology, can display the whole testing process and testing result through accurate measurement for many kinds of the armature parameters and the computer digital processing for the parameters. This armature testing machine is highly automatic, and easy for operating.

    During production line, using a testing machine of high efficiency, accuracy and intellectualized automation, to do inspection is acknowledged to be an effective QC method.

    (1). Technical parameter

    a. Dimension: 700×1000×1800mm

    b. Configuration: IPC+19′ colorful display

    c. Voltage : single phase, AC220V

    d. Power: 0.5KW

    (2). Testing standards

    Item Condition Testing range Tolerance Remark
    Dielectric strength Voltage applied : 0-3000VAC, adjustable AC 0-10mA 1% Testing time 1-60s, adjustable
    Insulation resistance Voltage applied: 500VDC 10-500MΩ 3%
    Turn-turn insulation Voltage applied: 0-3.5KVDC Identify 1‰ turn short circuit
    Bar to bar insulation 0-5Ω 2‰ bar number within 48
    Soldering insulation 0.1mΩ


    This armature testing machine is suitable for universal motor and DC motor.

    (4). Function and characteristic

    1. Testing and identifying automatically

    The armature testing machine have two working stations. The machine starts testing once the safety cover slides on, and identifies the unqualified and qualified products automatically according to the setting threshold. It has double working stations, the testing/load-unload status could be auto switched by sliding on or off the safety cover. Sliding on the safety cover, the machine start testing, and display real-time the testing result, identify the qualified and unqualified products, it will light-voice alarm when the product is unqualified, and also display the value. It will display the whole testing process and testing result, the turn-turn value testing result will be displayed in curve.

    2. Function of data-store , statistics, and print

    The testing data will be recorded automatically according to date and model, it will be displayed when select the relevant date and model.

    All the testing data could be print out.

    3. Storage function

    This machine could save various standard data for at least 900 NOS model.

    4. Data delete function

    It’s used for deleting the whole day or whole month or whole year testing data of the specified armature.

    5. Function of environment temperature automatic detection

    If the temperature input mode is at “Auto”, the system will measure automatically the environment temperature at set intervals. This is helpful for eliminating the effect on resistance judgment resulted from the environment temperature changing.

    6. Easy operation, high efficiency

    Select the models before testing. During testing, load and un-load armatures should be done manually, while the testing process and testing result judgment will be done automatically .

    7. Stable and reliable performance

    The armature testing panel adopts IPC as the control center, input and output system are fully isolated, and the data collection section all adopts full isolation data collector, to ensure adequately the high data collection accuracy during isolation.

    In the turn-turn testing unit, using import high-power switch elements, low-temperature drift and high conductivity can ensure the stability of the turn-turn wave and the accuracy of the turn-turn judgment.

    Switching circuit adopts the imported high-voltage switcher, besides this, the electronic and electric elements are basically all imported. All abovementioned measures play a vital important role in enhancing system stability and anti-jamming capability.

    8. Visual display

    With an English software and visual interface, this machine will guide user to do each step, during operation.

    9. Good compatibility

    The armature testing panel can be used for testing many kinds of armatures.

    10. Multiple optional

    User could do these options as below:

    a. Test item selection

    b. Applied voltage and time selection in dielectric strength test

    c. Applied voltage selection in turn-turn insulation test

    d. Turn-turn judgment method selection

    e. Analysis period selection for turn-turn wave shape

    f. Compression ratios selection for turn-turn wave display

    g. Selection for suspending testing and re-testing

    (5).Picture show

    Highly-automatic-Universal-motor-and-DC-motor-armature-testing-panel-machine91 Highly-automatic-Universal-motor-and-DC-motor-armature-testing-panel-machine92





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