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The motor out slot stator winding machine is suitable for Brushless DC motor manufacturing, such as fan motor, ceiling fan motor, table fan motor, Exhuast fan motor, hand generator, Radiator fan motor, Blower motor, etc,.

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    Automatic fan DC motor outslot stator needle coil winding machine for brushless motor manufacturing
    This automatic motor stator winding machine is designed for the fan Brushless DC motor manufacturing.
    We can provide a series of motor manufacturing machines, such as slot paper inserting machine ,needle winding machine ,stator winding machine ,coil inserting machine, coil lacing machine, armature winding machine, armature turning machine, commutator spot welding machine, motor production assembly line, stator production line ,rotor production line ,armature production assembly line ,motor manufacturing machine, etc.
    Each year, many of our customers would visit our company and factory, achieve great business advancements working with us. We always continually provide customers with the high-quality motor manufacturing machines,Rigorous and responsible customer service, and High-tech motor manufacturing design solutions. We sincerely welcome you to visit us at any time and together we will prevail to a greater success in the motor manufacturing production industry. Should you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact us. 
    (1) Machine function and characteristic:
    This automatic stator winding machine is designed for the Brushless DC motor outslot stator / external armature rotor coil winding. The automatic outslot stator coil winder adopts needle winding method. Each action cycle will wind 2 BLDC stator at the same time, greatly improved production efficiency. And the motor stator needle winding machine equipped with the servo control system, able to diagnose the fault, count the output etc. The other function such as auto winding, multi-diameter wires winding, auto indexing, auto skip slot and winding speed could be programmed, easy for operation and maintenance.
    (2) Application:
    The motor outslot stator winding machine is suitable for Brushless DC motor manufacturing,such as fan motor, ceiling fan motor, table fan motor, Exhuast fan motor, hand generator, Radiator fan motor, Blower motor, etc,.
    (3)Function and Characteristics:
    1. The motor outslot stator winding machine is suitable for multi-pole BLDC stator and external armature coil winding. Manual loading and unloading, automatic clamping, winding and shearing.
    2. Full aluminum alloy protection. The frame adopts thickened aluminum profile, and the table plate adopts cast iron to absorb vibration, even when winding at high speed, the vibration is very small.
    3. Tooling and fixture parts adopt downward positioning mode, stable positioning and reliable tightening.
    4. Wire clamping and wire cutting, line part structure compact, wire clamping and wire cutting is completed at one time;
    5. Different stator and winding parameters can be quickly switched through the HMI to adapt to different stator requirements.
    6. Quick change-overof tooling;(20 minutes with proficiency)
    7. PLC control, fault display
    9.  Equipment safety index: accord with CE standard.
    10. Efficiency: 120 rev / min.
    11. Beat: 5 minutes / BLDC motor stator.
    12. Noise: 60-70 decibels or less. 
    (4) Technical parameter:

    Product name:  Automatic BLDC out slot stator needle winding machine
    Type: Automatic
    Wire dia.: 0.5-1.5mm(Can be specially designed)
    Stator I.D.: 20-80mm (Can be specially designed)
    Stator O.D.: 50-120mm(Can be specially designed)
    Stack length: 10-80mm(Standard stroke); 100-200mm(Long stroke, special customization)
    Applicable pole number :  multi-pole
    Motor winding method : Out slot Needle winding technology
    Winding stations : Two
    Spindle speeds : 0-300 RPM (adjustable)
    Voltage:  380V/50HZ Three phase four wires
    Air pressure:  0.5-1Mpa
    Power:  20KW
    Weight: 600kg
    Dimension:  1200*1360*1800mm 

    (5) Picture show
    Automatic-ceiling-fan-brushless-DC-motor-stator-winding-machine-for-BLDC-motor-external-armature-rotor-making93 Automatic-ceiling-fan-brushless-DC-motor-stator-winding-machine-for-BLDC-motor-external-armature-rotor-making94
    (6)The out slot stator needle winding machine video

    With good service, unique philosophy, professional team and reliable quality, we win the worldwide customers’ confidence gradually. We directly and indirectly supply our products to more than 50 countries .

    Customerized service 1. Customized product design and manufacturing
    2. Customized tranning
    3.Technical suggestions
    After-sales service 1. Warranty Period: 12 month usually
    2. Overseas service center available
    3. Engineers available to service overseas

    Established in 2007, NIDE is a company devoted in the field of electric motors manufacturing, providing one-stop service for its customers.
    NIDE has three main business divisions.
    The first division is to provide different kinds of motor manufacturing machines, it is our Main business, including stand along machine, fully-auto complete line for armature and stator production, and the motor assembly line.
    The second division is to supply the full range of motor components such as commutator, ball bearing, carbon brush, insulation paper, shaft, magnet, fan, motor cover, etc.
    The third division is to provide technical support and consulting, project support and turn-key service for some motor manufacturing.
    1. How to confirm which motor stator windig machine model?
    Please kindly email us your electric motor armature, rotor or stator lamination drawing, armature rotor or stator drawing, winding diagram, winding data or other related information, So that we could recommend suitable machine model for you accordingly.
    If you don’t know the specific, leave message or send inquiry for us, and then we will guide you immediately.
    2. How to transport the stator winding machine?
    By air or sea
    3. How to operate the motor stator winding machines?If there is related training about operating the motor winding machines?
    Yes, we can supply machine operation video, our engineers also available to service overseas and go to your factory for operations.
    4. How long has your company been in the field of motor manufacturing?
    Established in 2007, NIDE is a company devoted in electric motors manufacturing solutions, providing one-stop service for our customers.
    5. What field is your machine suitable for?
    Our fully automatic motor assemble line is suitable for varies type induction motor assembly, BLDC motor assembly, universal electric motor and DC motor assembly, It could automatically assemble the rotor, armature, stator and motor components together . It is used for washing machine motor, fan motor, BLDC motor, DD motor, electric bicycles motor , electric vehicle motor , hub motor, DD BLDC washing machine motor , compressor motor, vacuum cleaner motor, power tool motor, wiper motor, mixer motor, RO pump motor, NEMA motor, DC motor, etc. It features fast, efficient, accurate, easy set-up, user-friendly programming and tooling flexibility.

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