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The automatic motor rotor winding machine is used in automatically winding hook type commutator rotor or armatures with tilted slots. And The rotor coil winder is designed for winding various types of medium and big wire diameter motor rotors used in home appliances, power tools and automobile motor industry , DC motor , etc.

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    Fully automatic Motor rotor winding machine flyer coil winding mechanical

    We are professional motor manufacturer . NIDE produces and manufactures a variety of motor winding machines, including rotor winding machines, stator winding machines, brushless / BLDC winding machines, coil winding machines, needle winding machines, etc.

    This automatic motor rotor winding machine is simple to operate and designed for the various rotor sizes. It adopts the high efficient industrial automation technology, increases production efficiency and saves labor coat for motor manufacturers. The rotor winding machine is suitable not only for individual winding automatically, but also for batch automatically winding of armature rotors.

    Rotor winding machine Application:

    The automatic armature winding machine is used in automatically winding hook type commutator armature or armatures with tilted slots.
    And it is designed for winding various types of medium and big wire diameter motor armature used in home appliances, power tools and automobile motor industry , DC motor , etc.

    Rotor winding machine Function and Feature:

    1.The rotor winding machine is a universal machine for winding a diverse range of rotor coils , and is facilitate automatic wire hooking, cutting, and indexing.

    2.The rotor coil winder is suitable not only for individual winding, but also for batch winding of rotors.

    3.According to the motor rotor diameter and stack length , the copper wire guiding device is simple and quick to set.

    4.100 memory parameter setting for different type rotors

    5.The counter can be switched for both, forward and reverse winding.

    6. Cylinder automatically convey the rotor.

    7.It is easy and fast fixture and mold changing. Tooling change time is around 5 minutes.

    8.After the pre-set number of turns has been reached, the rotor winding machine stops automatically.

    9.The rotor winding machine can be stopped during the winding cycle by means of a lever stop switch.

    10.Password setting can avoid the type setting change easily.

    11.The high effective industrial automation technology

    12.I/O test can be done from touch screen,

    13.Different winding turn in each slot and hooking change can be set.

    14.The whole process is displayed dynamically and with sound-light alarm function.

    15.Operator can handle several machines at same time which increasing production efficiency and saving labor cost.

    Rotor winding machine Main Configuration:

    1.Aluminium Alloy cover

    2.Imported organic glass

    3.Much stronger structure.

    4.Stable, sway-proof fixture and wire protection system,

    5.Adapts 3 sets AC servo motor to control winding and angle.

    6.User computer interface is with touch menu, user could edit, modify, save the data, and password control also available.

    Rotor winding machine Technical Parameter:

    Product name : automatic motor rotor winding machine
    Wire diameter range: 0.16~1.2 mm
    Rotor diameter: 20~60 mm
    Stack length: 10~70 mm
    Shaft diameter: 3~15 mm
    Shaft length: less than 250mm
    Rotor Slot: even slot
    Turn number: 0~9999
    Commutator diameter: 8~40 mm
    Winding speed: 0~2500 rpm
    Winding motor power: 1.5KW X 2
    Angle detecting speed: 0~3000 rpm
    Angle detecting motor power: 0.75KW X 1
    Air supply pressure: 4~6 Kg/cm2
    Total power: 4.0 KW
    Voltage: three phase AC 380V 50/60 Hz
    Dimension: 2000(length)X1000(width)X1800(height)mm
    Weight: 1250 Kg

    Rotor winding machine Productivity:

    For example: for a 12 slot, 0.38mm wire diameter, 24 bar commutator rotor. It only takes 22 seconds/pc

    How to operate the rotor winding machine

    1.Put the motor rotor in the chuck mechanism manually.

    2.Press the start button,the cylinder push the rotor to the right position automatically.

    3.The machine starts to coil winding automatically,

    4.Take the winding completed rotor out by hand.

    Rotor winding machine Picture:

    1.motor rotor show after coil winding


    2.The motor winding machine working process show







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