Induction motor Double end automatic stator coil lacing machine for sale in india

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The automatical coil lacing machine is used for lacing the electric motor stator coil , it  is small in size, fast in speed, accurate in positioning and low in noise.

  • Brand Name: NIDE
  • Origin: China
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  • Modle: BXSIIL1-160-160-4C
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    The automatical coil lacing machine is used for lacing the electric motor stator coil , it can lace both ends up and down at the same time , greatly improved productivity and ensure the same lashing results. The coil lacing machine uses a needle with a hook end which is advanced along a land of the stator between the grooves in which the coils are wound to extend therebeyond within the stator.

    stator coil lacing machine

    Coil lacing Machine main function and characteristic

    1.This double ends stator coil lacing machine adopts vertical structure, equipped with stator pressing device , auto stator feeding device , auto thread feeding device , auto knotting device , auto thread cutting device , auto thread head cutting device ;

    2.The upper and lower ends of the stator wire package are double-needle and automatically lacing at the same time;

    3.Controlled by servo drive system, automatically complete crochet corner hook line work, stator indexing work.

    4.The coil lacing machine can automatically feed thread and cut thread. There is no need to tie a knot.

    5.Lacing tension can be set,

    6.CNC control design and HIM program.Through the human-machine interface, the operator can set slot-by-slot lacing,hopping and lacing, and all kinds of fancy lashing;

    7.The rotation speed can be set.

    8.The coil lacing machine is small in size, fast in speed, accurate in positioning and low in noise;

    9.The coil lacing machine is easy to operate, and it is convenient and quick to change the mold.

    10. The coil lacing machine adopts safety grating protection system. Operator need to stand when operating.

    11.The coil lacing machine adopts two hands simultaneously start button to ensure safety.

    12.Primary qualification rate ≥98.5%, after rework, the qualification rate ≥99.5%

    stator coil lacing machine-2

    Coil lacing machine application

    The automatic coil lacing machine is suitable for miniature induction motors such as air conditioner motors, washing motors, compressor motors, fan motors, generator motors, and pump motors.

    Coil lacing machine technical data

    Product name: Motor stator automatic coil lacing machine
    Stator ID: 30~110mm
    Stator OD: Max. 190mm
    Stator stack length: 50~130mm
    Over-hang height: Max. 40mm
    Production capacity : ≤1s/slot
    Voltage: 380V/50/60HZ
    Power: 3.5KW
    Machine weight: about 600kg
    Machine dimension: L1500*W650*H1700mm

    Coil lacing machine Picture show

    1. The stator coil lacing machine workbench display


    2. The stator coil lacing machine double end lacing


    3. Coil lacing completed






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