Automatic Motor Coil Winding Insulation Wedge Forming and Cutting Machine

Short Description:

The wedge forming and cutting machine is suitable for stators which need to do wedge inserting.

  • Brand Name: NIDE
  • Origin: China
  • Price: Negotiable
  • Packaging Details: Wooden case which is suitable for sea transportation
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
  • Model: CG1-100D
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    Automatic motor coil winding insulation wedge paper forming and cutting machine

    Working principle 
    The automatic insulation wedge paper cutting Machine adopts full mechanical action, parameter is controlled by PLC. Feeding by stepping motor, and drives forming structure, to finish wedge forming and feeding; then drive cutting structure to cut wedge by cutting stepping motor.
    Main features
    Auto feeding, forming and cutting, small noise, high speed, smooth cutting without burr; feeding length, feeding speed, output can be set in text displayer. This machine is suitable for small and medium three phase motor, gasoline generator motor etc stator wedge forming and cutting.
    Technical parameter

    No. Item Unit Parameter
    1 Feeding length mm 10~300
    2 Wedge width mm ≤16
    3 Material thickness mm ≤0.35
    4 Temperature range ºC 15~150
    5 Power supply 220V/50Hz/60Hz
    6 Weight kg ≈150kg
    7 Dimension      mm 450×650×1100

    Picture show

    Double-heads-stator-wedge-forming-and-cutting-machine-for-motor-insulation-manufacturing-91 Double-heads-stator-wedge-forming-and-cutting-machine-for-motor-insulation-manufacturing-92

    Common malfunction and solution

    Malfunction Reason Solution
    Machine doesn’t running after pressing “Start” button a) Power is OFF;
    b) Under Emergency stop;
    c) No paper;
    a) Switch ON power

    b) Loosen Emergency stop button

    c) Load paper

    No wedge come out a) There is   sundries at paper exit
    b) Upper and lower wheel didn’t match well
    a) Remove sundries

    b)Adjust gap between upper and lower   wheel

    1. Before running machine, check mechanical and electrical part, screws are loose or not.
    2. After finishing one shift, remove the sundries and clean the machine, and reset the machine.
    Competitive advantages
    Variety of application, easy operation.
    We have Overseas Service Center.
    Machine is controlled by PLC. All the parameter can be set in the touch screen.
    It is suitable for stators with different model number and dimension.
    The operation and tooling change process is easy.
    We could customize machine for our customer as per their requirement.
    We directly supply our machines to many countries, like USA, France, Turkey, Iran, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico etc.

    Besides paper inserting machine, we also supply different types of electrical insulation materials for stator or armatures, such as insulation paper and insulation wedge with different class degree. DMD Class B/F, DM Class B/F, Polyester film Class E, Red Vulcanized Fiber Class A, NH& NHN, etc.



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