Automatic commutator welder DC and universale motor armature commutator spot welding machine for sale

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The armature commutator spot welding machine is used for the start motor of cars and motorcycle, DC motors, power tool motors, household appliance motors and series motors.

  • Brand Name: NIDE
  • Origin: China
  • Price: Negotiable
  • Packaging Details: Wooden case which is suitable for sea transportation
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
  • Model: ND-CW005
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    (1) Application

    The armature commutator spot welding machine is used for the start motor of cars and motorcycle, DC motors, power tool motors, household appliance motors and series motors.


    (2)  Introduction

    1. The automatic commutator hot stacking machine is the special equipment used for hook type and riser type armature commutator spot welding.

    2. The current adjustment includes rough adjustment and precision adjustment, totally with 16 grades.

    3. The machine adapts AC pulse. The whole machine is controlled by programmable controller ; it could control the exact pre-pressing/welding/transposition/hold time effectively. The operation is free from interference.

    4. The machine is turned on/off by the contact-free, large currency crystal module. It is free of noisy and sparks.

    5. The machine panel, English display, digital adjustable, it’s convenient and

    6. The welding machine adopts water cooling internal circulation and has a built-in water tank. It does not need a water source.

    7. The transposition of the machine adapts step-by-step impulse; driven by drivers and rotated by step motor with steps adjustable.

    8. The vertical mechanical motion of the machine is driven by the cylinder; and the auxiliary electrode is driven by the linear bearing. It can work easily and has good contact with commutator and without damage to the commutator.

    (3). Technical Parameter

    Product name : Automatic commutator spot welding / fusing / hot statking machine
    Armature O.D.: max 100mm
    Shaft O.D range: 1.8mm—23mm
    Welding wire diameter: 0.06-1.6 mm
    Welding length of rotor: max 350mm
    Commutator O.D.: max 60mm
    Air source pressure:  0.3~0.5Mp
    Voltage: 220V
    Frequency: 50-60Hz
    Rated power: 25KVA
    Production efficiency: 10S/pc
    Cooling method: water cooling self-circulation + air cooling

    (4). Installation

    1. The equipment should be placed in a dry place and prevent from dusts. There should not be any corrosive gas and flammable/explosive objects in the surrounding area.

    2. Make the surrounding area level; adjust bolts of each position.

    3. Correctly connect with the inlet power wire; the wire diameter should be the copper wire that larger than 4 mm2.

    4. Correctly connect the air pipe.

    5. Completely check whether any part of the machine is loosen during the transportation. Correctly adjust the fastening points of each position.

    6. Add water into the cooling water tank; the water should be around 90% of the capacity of the water tank.

    (5). Picture show

    Automatic-DC-motor-armature-commutator-welder-machine92 Automatic-DC-motor-armature-commutator-welder-machine93

    (6). The DC motor armature commutator spot welding machine video





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