Automatic armature rotor aluminum die-casting machine

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It is suitable for aluminum die-casting rotor.

  • Brand Name: NIDE
  • Origin: China
  • Price: Negotiable
  • Packaging Details: Wooden case which is suitable for sea transportation
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
  • Model NO.: YZJL1-100-100
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    YZJL1-100/100 Automatic aluminum die-casting machine



    The automatic rotor die-casting machine is used for aluminum armature rotor

    (1) Machine main function and characteristic

    Automatic get aluminium melt liquid, automatic loading and unloading the rotor.

    Rotor loading: automatic pneumatic circularly pick up.

    Get aluminium melting liquid: servo motor control the mechanical arm, control the liquid volume through human-machine interface.

    Automatic cut the waste material, automatic recycle the cut wasted material and convey it to the furnace by the conveyor.

    Automatic feed mold releasing agent, the feeding time and times can be set.

    There is water cooling channel, helpful for reducing the mold temperature effectively.

    Setting on touch screen: forward and backward speed, stroke, swing angle of the mechanical arm, loading speed,etc.

    Machine will alarm and stop working if out of material.

    Failure will be automatic displayed and machine will alarm.

    One person can take care of more than one machine.

    (2) Main technical data

    Max. mold closing stroke:150mm

    Pressing injection stroke: 50mm

    Hydraulic system working pressure: 10~25MPa

    Hydraulic motor power: 7.5kw

    Oil tank capacity: 350L

    Rotor stack length: ≤100mm

    Rotor OD: ≤100mm

    Pitch time ≤18~24s

    Change-over time: 20mins

    Upper Presser operation pressure: 40T

    Bottom presser operation pressure: 15T

    Working pressure of oil cylinder: ≤21Mpa

    Power: 380V  50/60Hz  3.75KW

    Machine weight: 2500kg

    Deminsion: 970mm(L)*920mm(W)*2300mm(H)

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